The wonders of having a cat.

Hello my meowsome friends! Molly here and I’d like to share my point of view on why you should consider being a cat parent. While there are countless reasons why cats make the best pets, here is my list of favorite reasons to become a cat parent (and lover).

  1. We’re obsessive about how we look. We enjoy grooming ourselves when we’re not eating or sleeping. With our fine layer of fur, we like to keep it clean and in place which means we’re low maintenance for our owners. Being vain does have its advantages.
  1. We keep to ourselves and prefer to lounge in our cat furniture versus seeking attention. If we’re in the mood to play, we’ll meow and express our gratitude. Otherwise, don’t get angry if we flash some cattitude your way. We need our personal space too.
  1. We’re self-sufficient. Unlike our canine counterparts, we don’t require a lot of maintenance when it’s time to potty, play or eat. And under the right circumstances, it’s OK to leave us alone for extended periods of time. However, if you’re gone too long don’t expect a warm, fuzzy, and furry welcome.
  1. Cats are easier and cleaner to potty train. As kittens, we’re quick studies to know where to drop because we’re smart like that. All we need is for you to show us where the litter box is and to refresh it every few days. Cleaning up after us is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. And the money you will save on carpet cleaners can be re-directed to invest in some very comfortable and visually stunning On2Pets furniture for your cat… or cats!
  1. We’ll protect your home from nasty invaders like mice, rats, and small lizards. Our natural predator instinct is always on high alert so if we need to pull out the paws and claws, we will. We never back down from a catfight.
  1. Our size is ideal for any home. From studio apartments to mansions, we don’t take up much space compared to a small-sized dog. We like to travel light with just our litter box. At the same time, we do prefer a life of leisure and I highly recommend the cat furniture at On2Pets… it’s absolutely purr-fect.
  1. We are great companions. While we might appear introverted and moody, we’re just observing what’s going on. We’ll share space easily and not be disruptive. If we want to cuddle, we’ll come to you. Believe it or not, we do like it when you rub our backs and behind our ears. Who doesn’t love a good scratchy scratch!

Honestly, I could go on for hours and tell you a million more reasons why we are ameowzing but I’m tired now and want to relax in my new On2Pets cat hammock. If you need more convincing send me a note and I’ll ask my On2Pet owners to reply. They won’t let me have my own smartphone yet.



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