The Behavioral & Developmental Benefits of Having Cat Furniture in Your Home

Many cat parents see furniture designed specifically for their animal as a luxury instead of a necessity. However, cats have instinctual needs to climb, scratch, and exercise. Most cats also love to be up high, hide in dark places, and to explore the “jungle” of their homes. If your feline is playing with your curtains or climbing on furniture, it may be time to get them some of their own.

Let Cats Stretch Their Legs
Cats are instinctual by nature, and love to explore, hunt, and establish their own territory. If they do not have enough to do, they can get bored, restless, and act out. Cats have a deep need to play and seek comfort and safety. If you have multiple cats, this is even more important, as each needs its own space. Additionally, cats love to find high spots like the top of the refrigerator to show their dominance.

Saving Your “People” Furniture
Cats and kittens need to keep their claws healthy, and in doing so, will scratch whatever they can find. Our furry friends also get bored easily, and your furniture may offer an exciting entertainment device. If you do not provide your feline with an adequate substitute, such as our trees, shelves, or scratching post , they will inevitably use your furniture instead.

Cats Need Exercise
Playing with toys and climbing on furniture designed for your animal also helps them with their abundant natural energy (in between those naps of course!) Cat accessories help our feline friends to relieve stress and get the exercise they desperately need, especially growing kittens.

A Happy Cat Behaves Better
When cats are upset about something in their environment, or have a need that is not being met, they will let you know. Like children, cats will act out to get your attention, trying to communicate their needs. A happy cat that has plenty to do, places to hide, a scratching post, and tree (or two) will be far less likely to misbehave.

Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Cat
When selecting furniture for your beloved feline, choose the best quality you can find. Cats love to scratch and chew, so cheap toys and furniture will not last long. This is why our team created the best solution- our an all-in-one On2Pets cat tree!

Our trees offer a feeling of being outdoors with lifelike leaves and grass, and provides places to hide and perch up high. Made from high-quality materials in America, our products will stand the test of time and make your cat happy and content for years to come.

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