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Ways to Acclimate Your Cat to Our Tree/Products

Let Them “Help” You Assemble It

After you open your new On2Pets cat tree, take out the parts and lay them around for your cat to sniff and explore. Let them feel the leaves and grass and get used to the texture. Show your feline friend that they can sit or lie on the perches. Then slowly begin to build the tree. Cats love to be a part of whatever you are doing, so if they feel like they are helping, they will enjoy the finished product even more. With you there, they will feel comfortable to explore.

Assemble it Over Time

Start slow and only put the lower perch on. Let the cat tree stay that way for a few hours or even days until your cat has become familiar with it. Then you can add some height and assemble the next layer. If you purchased the tall tree, you might do this a couple of times, building it over time to let them adjust to the new height and new sections. As you complete a section, leave your cat alone with the tree to let them explore at their own pace. You can’t force anything with felines. They can be stubborn and will want to do things their way, on their own time.

Use Treats

Once the tree is assembled, and you place it where you intend to keep it, put treats on each of the shelves, so your cat knows it is safe and even rewarding to use the tree and climb up. You can also put a toy or two up higher to help them want to try out the upper perches. The smell of their toys on the cat tree will provide familiarity and ease them into trying it out while also feeling secure and safe.

Put the Cat Tree Near a Window or Sliders

If your home can accommodate it, but the cat tree near a window or door so when your cat explores it, they can also see the outdoors. Being able to climb and hide will make them feel safe and give them a feeling of adventure, allowing them to explore their natural wild side. Try to keep the cat tree in the same place rather than continually moving it around; cats like consistency.

Give Your Cat Time and Be Patient

Some cats will love the tree instantly, and others may be more reluctant at first. Give your cat the time to explore alone and be patient. Just like children, our furry friends don’t always behave the way we expect them to. The On2Pets cat tree is a great investment and a unique way to bring the outdoors inside, and with time, your cat is sure to love it!

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