The Beautiful Mystery of a Cat's Purr

The ‘How’ they purr…
The muscles in the larynx dilate and constrict the glottis and the air vibrates everytime the cat breathes in or out. This produces vibrations of a rate from 25 -150 Hz per second.

Ever wonder why your cat purrs? Is it because of contentment and pleasure? Is it a means of communication? After decades, researchers have performed more studies on why a feline might purr.

All cats are different, some never purr and some purr constantly. Most of us have witnessed cats purr when they are being petted, fed, and even when they feel threatened.

So why do they purr?
The theory is that their purr is a sound of not only contentment but also a form of self-repairment. Yup. Cats are one magical specimen. Cat's face

Theory –  Purr as a Form of Self-Repair
According to researchers, vibrations from the cat’s purr carry physically rejuvenating factors. It is believed that the frequency of those vibrations promotes bone growth and repairment. The vibrations can range from 20 -150 Hz. The bones harden in response to a pressure between 25 - 50 Hz. Repairment of the skin and soft tissue is in response to pressure from about 100 Hz.

A cat's purr can have a mutual benefit for not only felines but humans as well. The purrs of a happy cat calm us and please us. This pursuit to find the meaning behind our beloved cat's purr will bring a better bond between humans and cats.

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