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Folded ears caused by genetic mutation of cartilage abnormality
Breeding banned in UK
All Scottish Fold cats share a common ancestry

Scottish Fold Cat

The origin of the Scottish Folds traces back to the 1960’s in Perthshire, Scotland. The first cat with a naturally occurring mutation was born – her name was Susie. The owners liked her appearance very much that her mutation was to be preserved. That was until it was later discovered that the uniquely shaped ears were a result of a painful mutation.

Since then, the breeding of Scottish Fold was banned in the UK. However, following strict breeding guidelines, proper breeding is allowed. For instance – one can breed a Scottish Fold to another American or British Scottish Shorthair, but not to another Scottish Fold. This means only one parent can have the genetic mutation. When only one parent has the mutation, the symptoms appear very mild and their overall general health is not affected.

Popularity and Health Problems
The Scottish Folds have become a popular breed due to their “cuteness”. They have gained popularity on social media and with celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Kirsten Dunst. One of the reasons for their popularity is due to their uniquely shaped ears. The folded ears cause the cat’s face to have an appealing round-face look. Unfortunately, the cartilage mutation that leads to a lifelong incurable disease includes other symptoms as well such as shortened limbs, inflexible tail, and an abnormal gait.


Raising public awareness of improper breeding and the problems associated with it is crucial to prevent the suffering of certain breeds. We love our feline furr-ends and taking a stand for their welfare is paramount to their well-being. 

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