Purfect ways to encourage your cat

Hello, my furry friends and awesome humans. Molly here and today I’m pawing away on a list of friendly activities to encourage your relationship with your feline friend. 


Going outside for playtime and fresh air is a great way for us to reconnect with our ‘roots’ in a natural environment. From climbing trees to lurking in the grass, the opportunities for hakuna matata are timeless.


Catching mice is a favorite activity for some cats while it’s openly known to be a major nuisance for humans. Whether you have a city cat or a country/outdoor cat, invest in a mechanical mouse, ball of yarn, or interactive toy. Playing with toys not only entertains us, but it also helps keep our instincts sharp and bodies quick and nimble. 


Organize a playdate with another cat. Especially one that your feline companion always meows over. Although we have a reputation as solitary animals, we are very social and like getting together to paw it out sometimes. 


Compared to our canine counterparts we prefer to mark our territory by scratching and rubbing up against surfaces. In full disclosure, we do pee occasionally to lay claim to our kingdom, but only when threatened by foreign legions. So when it comes to scratching and rubbing, I highly recommend the On2Pets Skyline Scratching Post. It’s a purr-fect solution to protect your human furniture and your cat’s claws. It comes with three separate posts of varying heights to keep us (and you) entertained! 

So, whether you spend the day indoors or out, the most important activity our human owners can do with us on September 12th, (and every other day too!) is shower us with love and affection.

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Love, Molly 

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