Meow! It’s time to celebrate International Cat Day!

Hello, loyal feline followers and human readers. Today I have my sights set on International Cat Day! Why? Because it’s a big deal for us. It’s on par with Mother’s Day, Christmas, Flag Day, and National Science Fiction Day. And who doesn’t love a day dedicated to their awesomeness??? Now hear the words through my whiskers; International Cat Day is 100% about us cats. To help my human owners and counterparts, I’ve put together this itinerary of feline friendly activities to keep us happy and purring all day.


Start the day on the right side of the cat tree. Gently shaking a bag of food near us, but not too close, to stimulate our natural instincts. Whether your cat purr-fers to sleep in or rise early it is always a good idea to let your cat wake up on its own. This way they can wake up healthy and strong. For a great night sleep, I recommend the On2Pets Indoor Cat House with Scratching Post & Feeder myself.


Take us to a cat spa for the day. Even we need to elevate our lifestyle of rest and relaxation, and who doesn’t like to be pampered? The most important thing to know when scheduling an appointment with the cat spa is to get rid of unnecessary matted fur to minimize shedding. Even better, take us for a fur trim first. Nothing is more important than promoting healthy hygiene.


Organize a few fun field activities either alone or better yet, feline vs feline. We love to play with other cats. Now we may have a reputation of sitting around all day, but we do love to stretch our paws and whiskers to stay strong and nimble. Believe it or not some cats actually like playing fetch. It’s perfect because it appeals to our natural hunting instincts to stalk and pounce. It’s also a great exercise to slim down our tubby tabbies if your feline friend has one. If your cat isn’t into fetch, playing with yarn and simple toys is also great exercise. Check out my personal collection of interactive cat toys at here for some fun inexpensive options.


Let’s up the ante for lunch today! When we think about a royal family, we often imagine a life of decadence and splendor. On International Cat Day, a meal fit for feline Kings & Queens has to be on the menu! So, let’s skip the kibbles and canned cat food and serve me… excuse me, I meant us…something more health conscious like homemade fish and chicken. 


Writing about all these activities has made me tired. I think I need a cat nap. Lucky for me, my human parents own On2Pets so I get to lounge around like Cleopatra in all these catsome furniture. My personal favorites include On2Pets Cat Hammock and the 5Ft Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree in Zen Green… It’s purrfect to zone out in peace and quick.

Share your ideas on how to celebrate International Cat Day with us. My owners would love to read about them. Leave your ideas in the comments and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



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