Hello, furry and human friends! Molly here wishing you a spooktacular October. Personally, I am obsessed with October because I think Halloween is hiss-terical. Watching you humans try to dress up as cats? Pure gold. As if you could pull off my look! All kitten aside, Spooky Season is the purr-fect time to discuss a very important topic: Scaredy-cats. First of all, the term is offensive - as if you’ve never been spooked! Cats, like all creatures, get scared sometimes. As a cat mom or dad, you should be in the know. So, gather ‘round humans. I am going to teach you about 5 things that might turn a cool cat into a frightened one.

1. Loud Noises

Your cat is gorgeous and brilliant, but you already know that. We have a highly evolved set of senses so we are constantly on high alert. High-frequency noises, abrupt noises, or booming sounds (like fireworks or the sound of a vacuum) spike my stress levels. A nice thing you can do for your furry friend is keep big noises to a minimum whenever possible. Like, must you vacuum right in my direction during a cat nap?

2. Feeling Restrained

As much as I love cuddles, I value my independence. And my cat friends agree. Tight spaces make my furry skin crawl. So, if you live in a smaller space or just want to give your cat a deeper sense of independence, an On2Pets Cat Tree is a great way to expand their space vertically and give them a safe haven that’s exclusively theirs.

 3.Being Stared At

Look, I know I’m cute. But when my ancestors were stared at in the wild, it usually meant danger was imminent. That doesn’t mean you can’t admire how purr-ty I am. But, a stare combined with an intimidating stance makes me totally anxious. A little effort in maintaining a non-threatening posture goes a long way. Like, chill out while you check me out, you know?


I’m not joking. If I were to come up with the scariest possible Halloween costume, cucumbers would be at the top of my list. And it’s not because I can’t handle vegetables. I have nine lives, after all. It’s because cucumbers look like snakes, which I am evolutionarily hardwired to avoid. Every time I see one, I jump to the highest perch on my 5ft On2Pets Cat Tree.


Um, cats know how to clean themselves. Bath time is so annoying. Although, I admit that sometimes it’s necessary. There’s a right way and a wrong way to bathe your cat. Humans can sometimes be a tad aggressive. I swear, after every bath, I immediately need to swing in my On2Pets Cat Hammock just to chill out! Babe, you can’t simply douse me in water and expect me to be all cool and collected. Next time your cat needs a water bath, introduce water slowly so that your cat has time to get used to it. So now that you are prepared for the things that frighten your furry friend, you are better equipped to handle it. And maybe you can remove scaredy-cat from your vocabulary? I don’t call you a scaredy-human when you think the house is haunted because I’m rustling the curtains at 2 am! Sheesh, all this scaredy-cat talk puts me in the mood for a relaxing nap in my On2Pets Cat Loft - and maybe even a meow-tini!



Molly, out!

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