Cats may be the most adorable beings on the planet. And I’m not biased just because I am one. It’s Molly the rescue cat checking in with the On2Pets family because I can’t talk, but I can sure type! Us cats just have a way with looking cute no matter what we’re doing. Just a blink of an eye, a twitch of our tail, and we’re curling up on the sofa waiting for a belly scratch. How can you not be a cat lover? We’re not all just for looks, though. Did you know that cat parents have the benefit of improving their health and wellbeing when they live with a cat? As if we couldn’t get any better!


Mental Health Comes Fur-st
It’s scientifically proven that people with cats have a better mental health! If you don’t believe me, ask the research done by London’s Mental Health Foundation. The time that you and your cat spend together is proven to be a stress relief, especially when we purr. A cat’s purr can be anywhere between 20-140 Hz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically therapeutic and stress reducing. So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, having your cat gently purring by your side could be the best thing for you. They can even help you fall asleep better!


Mood Boosting Magic
Cats love you unconditionally. We’re very intuitive and can sense when your mood shifts. With this sixth sense, we try to do anything they we can to cheer you up. When you notice that your cat is licking you, climbing on your shoulders, and cuddling on your arms with extra love, it’s because we know that you need it.


With Great Purr Comes Great Responsibility
Taking care of a cat is a selfless act. It teaches you to be caring and set aside time to bond, clean after their messes, and feed them among other things. When you want what’s best for your cat, you’ll do anything to make sure that they are in the best condition. That means getting them the right food to satisfy their nutritional needs as well as the right amount of attention. Taking care of them makes you want to take care of yourself to be at your best—cats can give you purpose and make you

more responsible in your day-to-day life in this way.


Reduced Allergies
The younger you expose children to pets (especially cats), the more they’ll be protected from allergies later in life. Having a cat in the house for those under the age of 10 not only protects children from pet allergies, but also makes them resilient against other respiratory allergies, including those caused by dust mites and pollen. 


Companionship & Cuddles
Cat companionship is known to alleviate feelings of loneliness. You’ll never be bored or without attention. Studies shows that cats can remember acts of love and kindness and will always return the favor. This is because, after years of domestication, we have mastered how to relate to humans to become the most ideal pet for you.


If you love your cat, just know that they love and care for you too—in more ways than you realize!


Love, Molly

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