Top 10 Tips for New Cat Owners

Who says dogs are man’s best friend? Cats are just as lovable, cuddly, and devoted as their counterparts, and they make even greater pets (we might be biased). 

If you are new to becoming an animal parent, you will want to review the tips below to make integrating a cat into your lifestyle as comfortable and effortless as possible. 

1. Set Up a “Safe Room”
To help your cat adjust, set up a small room or area with their bed, toys, litter box, food, and water. This provides a safe space to allow them to become accustomed to their new surroundings. This also serves as a place they can go back to if they feel anxious or scared. 

2. Cat-Proof Your Home
Think baby proofing, but for cats.
Cats tend to jump on every surface, regardless of height or width, so make sure glass and other breakables are secured. Open holes to walls or attics are also prone to be explored. Additionally, eliminate any toxic plants and store all dangerous chemicals out of reach. Remember, cats are curious by nature!

3. Give Your Cat Time to Adjust
It is completely normal for your cat to find a place to hide and not come out for a few days. Give your new furry friend their space and try to keep loud, startling noises to a minimum until they get used to your home’s natural sounds and smells.

4. Choose a Good Veterinarian
Your animal’s health is top priority! Ask friends or family their recommendations for a nearby veterinarian.

5. Spend Time with Your Cat
Although cats are cautions at first, spending time with them will build your relationship. Some cats even have their own language with their owners and begin to speak back with sounds of their own.

6. Groom Your Cat Often
Be prepared to groom your cat often to keep their coat free of tangles and debris. Although they tend to clean themselves, a healthy brush every week will keep hairballs and cat hair at bay.

7.Clean the Litter Box Every Day
There are dozens of types of cat litter, the most common being clumping clay, non-clumping clay, silica gel crystals, pine, corn, and recycled paper. New on the market is grass litter and a biodegradable wood pellet that dissolves providing a clean alternative.

Whatever variety you decide to choose, be sure to clean the litter box every day and keep 2-3 inches of cat litter in it at all times. If not, your cat may choose to go elsewhere.

8. Buy Quality Cat Food
By feeding your cat quality, FDA approved nutritious cat food, you can eliminate many health problems down the road. Most vets recommend a combination of dry and wet food. Cats tend to be finicky, and you might have to try a few brands before they are completely satisfied.

9. Exercise Your Cat
Cats, like dogs, need exercise. Play vigorously with them for 10-15 minutes a few times a day to release their energy. The easiest way to do this is through providing them something to play with, which leads us to….

10. Invest in Good Cat Toys
The key to a cat’s heart is through play! Investing in unique and high quality toys such as a scratching post and cat tree, like the ones we offer at On2Pets, will provide hours of fun and a safe place (tip #1) for them to relax. We guarantee your cat will love it!

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