On2 Tips by Molly the Cat // Enjoying New Year's Eve

Cats have extraordinary sensory organs. They hear almost three times better than humans and see much better than we do in the dark. Therefore, it is not surprising that many kittens are spooked by the loud noise and the bright flashes of New Year's Eve celebratory fireworks. Today, we'll explain how you can help your feline during this stressful evening.

Not all cats react to firecrackers; while some barely blink, others panic. We can identify if a kitten is frightened by fireworks if he or she starts to tremble, pace around the house, lick itself excessively, or if, suddenly, it neglects its hygiene. Cats that leave the house can become so scared that they can no longer find their way back or cross the street frantically in front of a passing car. The reality is that fear can have a dramatic outcome. Therefore, the following tips are essential to know how to avoid stressing your cat :

1.Keep calm

    Although it may not always seem like it, cats are very receptive to the moods of the humans with whom they live. If you are calm and serene, you will also transmit it to your kitten.

    2.Don't leave your cat alone

      Your kitty needs not only peace of mind but also the security that your presence provides to face the outbursts of firecrackers.

      3.Provide your cat with a “Safe Haven” within your home

        The seclusion and protection cats feel on top of the On2 Pets 5ft Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree is exactly the thing they need in order to have a peaceful space where they can relax despite all the noise and bright lights caused by fireworks on NYE. 

        4.Block out noise

          Close windows and doors and, if possible, lower blinds and curtains.

          Molly out!

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