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Our cat furniture offers plenty of features
your cat (and you) will love!

Simple, patented, modular design makes assembling the tree a snap – no tools are required and assembly takes just 10-15 minutes from package to play.

Tree with leaves


On2Pets cat tree is an indoor cat tree house featuring sturdy construction and high-quality materials, and they’re available in three sizes for small, medium and large cats.

Each perch is adjustable and can be swiveled and secured in different positions.

Tree with leaves

Natural Feel

Designed to look like a tree so your kitten and cat have that “outdoor experience” without leaving the safety and security of their indoor environment.

The On2Pets cat tree is completely portable so you can easily move it from room to room.

Tree with leaves


On2Pets cat trees offer different areas of exploration and different materials to engage your cat's senses, including lots of silk leaves for that “outdoor tree” experience and the hiding activities cats love. Plus, the base is covered in carpet/artificial turf, which is perfect for scratching.