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We are furr-tunate to have been featured in various publications for Top Rated cat condo furniture. We have compiled a list of our biggest fans. Meow!


On2Pets Large Luxury Cat Tree


on2pets cat tree

NY Mag

"This was a huge hit with the cats the moment the box opened! It only took two or three minutes to assemble, and there are only a handful of pieces to put together. The shelves are carpeted and sturdy, and I don’t find it to be any more or less wobbly than any other tall cat furniture. The leaves have wire stems, so you can arrange them, accommodating for hiding space and gaps where cats can jump up. The cats love crouching in the foliage and seem to think it’s an exciting change from the regular carpeted condo.”


"A cat tree, an actual (faux) tree, so your favorite felines can frolick in a fixture that fits in with your house plant collection. "


" Give your favorite feline buddy the ultimate play experience with this ridiculously cute tower... Most of all, it helps tap into a cat's instinct to hide by providing cover and plenty of perches to sneak off to. If your indoor cat often doubles as an escape artist, this tree could be a good solution, since it gives them a chance to feel like they're outdoors and climbing in secret. Another pro? People say their cats go nuts for it. " We have it in front of our large bay window and he hides behind the leaves to birdwatch! Hysterical!"

Modern Cat

"Do you want to make your kitty happy, but don’t like the regular aesthetic of cat towers? Then the On2Pets Cat Tree tower is for you! This beautiful cat condo, made from pressed wood, resembles a lovely, leafy tree that will make you feel like you are in a beautiful emerald forest. Easy to assemble, this tower is perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing, and won’t be an eyesore in your living room. The On2Pets Cat Tree tower is also great for cats’ innate hiding instinct!"

Cat Litter Expert

"We recommend this product in first because of two reasons. The tree itself is very tall and wide overall, which makes it a very good fit as a cat tree. Second, it has TONS of leaves, which the other trees on this list lacks. As this product can hold up to 32 pounds and is easy to assemble, it is definitely the best cat tree with leaves that we have seen so far."

Kitty Clysm

"Then there’s this On2Pets CatHaven Condo. I’ve never seen anything like it on the market before and it almost feels like Ripple Rug levels of could-be-considered-a-cat-toy pet furniture. Basically, in my head, products like the Ripple Rug and this condo right here are essentially hybrids between cat furniture and cat toys, since you know there’s going to be a lot of peeking out, grabbing, and overall playing going on around them. Imagine waving a feather toy outside this cat tree? There’s no way even the most lazy cat of all is not going to engage. Seeing little parts of the feather wand behind the fake leaves would be way too enticing. While it’s not an ordinary cat condo, therefore, and it’s not really a good replacement for a true cat tree, I think it’s got ridiculous potential for entertaining cats, again, same way the Ripple Rug would."

Cats PhD

"This best cat tree house from On2Pets is perfect for cat owners who want an “undercover” cat tree, meaning it looks like an actual tree so you can display it nicely in your home as if it is just one of the house plants (except no watering required).

Our testing team members also loved that this tree is extremely easy to piece together, as well."

The Pet Master

"The On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo is the perfect solution for bigger kitties and their families. While some trees are not up to par when it comes to offering a supportive and safe piece of furniture, the CatHaven Cat Condo can support pets up to 32 pounds, comfortably."

Cat Nip Times

"Kittens, being tiny, young and full of energy can have fun with just about any size cat tree. But if you want to start out small, try the On2Pets Luxury Cat Tree."

Cats Basket

"I am very happy with these trees, I have 3 cats and I decided to buy two trees at the same time, they look exactly as in the picture and my cats love them and so do I, they look beautiful in my living room and they are relatively easy to assemble. I recommend it."

The Gadget Flow

"This accessory provides your feline with a fun outdoor climbing experience indoors. Offering the security and safety of indoor play, the Cat Tree is a modern take on traditional cat furniture. Featuring a realistic design, it helps your cat feel as though they’re exploring outside."

Slash Pets

"In the past few months, we have covered plenty of cool cat trees. The On2Pets Cat Tree comes with a tower to allow your cats to jump, scratch, climb, and stay active. "


On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves


WW Wall about Cats

"Perfect for limited space. Attractive artificial leaves look like home decor. Carpet pad is scratchable and cozy."


On2Pets Kitty Jungle Bundle Deal



Snip Cademy

"It wouldn’t be a cat tree article without having a cat tree that actually looks like a cat tree. This cat tree is without a doubt perhaps one of the best cat trees for you Bengal feline as it provides excellent chances for climbing, jumping, and scratching. And this last point is especially salient as if you haven’t decided to declaw your cat that could prove problematic for your furniture."